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Our commitment is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests visiting Rock Creek Ridge. Please adhere to the following rules to ensure a functioning rental and the well-being of everyone on the property. In addition to the House Rules, please be aware of the following rules and associated fines:


  • $250+ fine for excess mess left at check-out

  • $250 fine for unreported pets on premises

  • $500+ for smoking of any kind inside or on the porches of the property

  • Fines for physical damage to the property and furniture are determined on a per-instance basis.

  • $200+ if any hot tub rules are broken

  • $25 fee + the cost of shipping for sending back any left-behind items


  • Shower with soap and water before entering the hot tub

  • Enter and exit the hot tub slowly

  • No jumping or diving

  • Do not bring glass in or near the hot tub

  • Do not enter if the temperature is over 104°Fahrenheit

  • Children must be supervised by an adult

  • Do not use soaps or oils in the hot tub

  • Do not enter the hot tub if you have any dirt or mud on your body

  • Please replace the hot tub cover after use

  • Do not use alcohol, narcotics, or medications

  • Pregnant women, elderly persons, and those with severe illnesses or diseases should consult a doctor before use

Potential Fines
Hot Tub Rule
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